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Who We Are



My aluminum can  pieces are all one of a kind and impossible to duplicate.  Each one is  different  form the other. The cans are all hand washed, cut , pressed flat and cut again into the sizes needed.  Each piece is hand nailed onto a painted board and framed.  Quite time consuming, but I enjoy assembling each one and seeing how the end product looks when complete.


 My jewelry pieces are  also one of a kind  except for a few collections. The pieces  cannot  be duplicated meaning you cannot buy ten of the same exact item and you won't see a duplicate on your best friend. 


 I  work mostly with material that I repurpose or recycle.  I also like working with  stone, metals, paper and natural products. My jewelry is made from broken and vintage jewelry pieces,   recycled and other found  materials and items that are not traditionally used  for  jewelry making.  My can art is simply made from recycled soda, juice, beer and other beverage aluminum  cans.


   I hope you enjoy looking around my studio.  Come back soon and often as new items will be added frequently.

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